About Us

I am a Grandmother of 6, living in beautiful North Wales, with husband David.

My Grandmother taught me to knit at 8 years of age, and I have been knitting off and on all my life since.

We retired from business 18 years ago, but shortly before that our first Grandchild came along. I decided to knit her a traditional shawl, as well as all the normal baby clothes that Grandma's knit their first.

My Son and Daughter-in-Law loved the shawl, and pretty soon I was knitting shawls for their friends.

I had some old patterns handed down from my Mother and Grandmother, also I researched and found some lovely old fashioned and antique patterns and continued my knitting, which I love.

Pretty soon my husband and sons encouraged me to start up a website, which they all helped to design, to make use of my skills.

We always believed that presentation in our former business life was paramount, so I have carried this through to Millstone Crafts.

I started with just 3 shawls back in 2004 and now have 26 shawls in my inventory.

I hand knit every one myself, so sometimes, during busy periods, the stock can get a bit low, but I leave them 'live' with an option for the customer to be notified when I have completed the shawl of their choice. This option allows me to know what customers are interested in and what to knit next.

I knit very carefully, then wash and pin out the shawls. My husband has designed and printed my little labels and wash instruction tabs, which I tie on to each shawl with blue and pink ribbon, so that either could be easily removed before presentation.

I carefully wrap the shawl in tissue paper and pack them in bubble bags for postage. All shawls go out by Royal Mail or Hermes and are usually delivered in a couple of days 

I have sold shawls all over the world, including Australia, USA, Japan, Canada, Israel, Azerbaijan but most go to Scotland. It seems a Christening shawl is still a big tradition there.

My customers are generally Grandmothers buying for their new arrivals, and I get wonderful feedback from them.

I have sold two shawls for TV productions, one to a Welsh soap called Teulu and one for the production of Upstairs Downstairs.

Thank you for visiting my web site, I hope you enjoyed your on-line shopping experience with me. If you have any questions or any feedback, good or bad, then please contact me through the 'Contact Us' link on the home page.

Regards Pat Pinnock